Image Name Hold Hold Speed Speed Cannons Cannons HP Hp Price² Requirements
KetchKetch92012120Gold 440
CaravelCaravel112019190 level 11
3 friends
BrigBrig132031310 level 17
5 friends
SubmarineSubmarine132238380Free for everyday login in 7 days
GalleonGalleon152555550 level 23
10 friends
CorvetteCorvette182595950 level 29
15 friends
BillanderBillander22251651650 level 35
20 friends
Dragon ship Dragon Ship 23 26 200 2000 Free for everyday login in 21 days
or 220 G or Credit
CarrackCarrack27252552550 level 43
25 friends
FregateFregate32253753750 level 48
25 friends
BlimpBlimp33274254250Free for everyday login in 42 days
or 300 G or Credit

¹ Only on Facebook.

² Price in Gleemmers of Facebook credits depends on portal. The price may be reduced with the help of friends.

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